Friday, October 23, 2009

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (Para-Review)

I hate Michael Bay, but I liked the first Transformers, alot. It almost felt like his creative input was restrained for the first film and though he still managed to get some of his ideas through, he was kept at. bay. But for this, they must have removed the restraints and given him a throne and a magic staff that shot out lightning bursts of lame humor, dizzying arial shots, annoying parents who need to be punched, robots that perpetuate stereotypes, and $100 000 000 just for helicopter fuel.

In the end it was not the worst sequel ever made *cough* Matrix *Cough* and I found it watchable for the most, but if put in the hands of different script writers, producers, DIRECTOR, and most of the cast, it could have been much better. . .(catch my drift?)

. .oh and Tyrese's reign of terror MUST stop now!


A "Film" by: Michael bay

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