Monday, December 17, 2012

Missing, but not dead!

Why hello there loyal readers, who may still remain, I assure you this little blog of mine is still open, and has not burned down! Its been a while since I have posted anything, in fact its been FAR TOO LONG. There have been a few factors in my life that has caused this, a particular upcoming life change in the form of a child has been blessed my way, and as ecstatic as I am, this change also comes with a great deal of preparation. With that also came a very busy summer and fall, and though I have been lucky enough to still watch a great deal of wonderful(and not so) films, but the time and energy to attach my thoughts and compose any kind of written material was just not present, albeit the desire has not gone and this little internet blog will find its legs once more.

Come January, when the hectic Holiday season is behind me, and the even more hectic new baby season approaches I pledge to still find some time in my busy life to transfer my little 'ol thoughts into internet posts! Also I should mention that the website that I am a contributing writer for,, has also been away from us for a while, but it will also be returning to form.

I thank anyone who still subscribes, occasionally checks, or maybe hasn't completely forgot about this blog for any patience you may have had in the past 5 months. I also thank those of you who have now seen this and said to yourself "huh? Oh, right....that thing" for at least harboring some kind of repressed memories of me and my little blog.

So until I return, and assuming we all make it out of December 21st, when the sun crashes into the earth or whatever alive, thank you, and have a very merry whatever doesn't offend you! And a happy 2013!


PS: I may see you sooner when i bring my "Obligatory Top 5 Lists: 2012" 

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