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A Clerks II Review Lost to the Ages has Been Uncovered

I was looking through my computer and I found this, a Clerks II review? I have no idea why I wrote it. Perhaps I just wrote it for fun. Either way I thought I would toss it up here and give it a new found sense of purpose. So, enjoy I guess. I edited it a small bit to correct some awful spelling and grammar errors, but otherwise its as amateurish as they day I wrote it. (PS: I really really loved Clerks II back then, still do, but perhaps not as much as I did then)

(July 22, 2006)
I can honestly say I had one of the best theatrical experiences of my life when I saw Clerks II. I have never been to a movie that had an audience so actively involved (I will also mention the theater was completely filled, even the very front where people will leave for a refund before sitting). There were several rounds of applause throughout the film, and the laughter was so loud at times that there were pieces of dialogue missed. And once the credits hit, the cheering and applause started once again. This was the biggest applause I have ever seen in a theater. At times I laughed the hardest I ever have at a movie theater.

Clerks II opens up very similar to the original, in black and white as well. We see Dante pull up to the Quick Stop and unlock the gate. Only to find the store completely engulfed in flames. He closes the gate. Then he opens it again. Now we see him through the perspective in the store looking out, where the film perfectly morphs into color and takes off.

So after, we jump to a year later, and now Dante and Randal are working at a Mooby's, and its Dante's last day before he moves to Florida to marry his girlfriend (played by Smiths wife.) The film takes place throughout this day, and what a day. We also get introduced to two new characters. Rosario Dawson plays the restaurant manager. In addition is a great new character Elias. A very religious virgin teenager who also happens to LOVE Transformers and Lord of the Rings (There is a scene which Randal is debating his point of how crappy LOTR's is to Elias and an equally obsessed customer that is one of the films two best moments. The other I cannot repeat.). Clerks II also has some appearances by most of Smiths regulars, including a very quick cameo by Ben Affleck, and a slightly longer and more important appearance by Jason Lee (It looks like he walked off the set of "Earl" to make his appearance).

The pacing of Clerks II is great, and the humor and emotion are very well blended. There are some great dramatic moments that are quickly interrupted by something hilarious, sometimes subtle, other times less subtle. And a dance number . . .ABC!

As a long time Kevin Smith fan, I think he may have done some of his best work with Clerks II. It's quite different than the original, and is something some hard-core fans of the first may have to take with a grain or two of salt.


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