Sunday, January 22, 2012

Police Story

If you’ve never seen a Jackie Chan film, and you asked any fan what to watch they would probably say "If you’re going to watch any Jackie Chan film in your life, make it Drunken Master 2" That is a great martial arts action classic, but I may have to concur and say, Police Story (Directed by Chan himself) is arguably his greatest achievement as an actor, and director, to date. It truly set a standard in Hong Kong action films, and action films around the world for that matter. From the fantastic opening scene which ends with a car chase down a mountain, and through a small town, that could have been the climax to any other action film. To the even better mall/motorcycle barrage that earned the film its nick name "Glass Story".

Jackie plays a police officer who is part of a group of officers trained to fight against organized crime in Hong Kong. While in the process of bringing down a convicted crime lord, he gets framed for the murder of another cop, and now has to fight to clear his name. Also at the same time he has to save a very critical witness who has been kidnapped by the Boss’ men. It must be noted as well for those that have not seen this film, that Jackie’s on screen girlfriend, who’s character is put through emotional (and physical) hell throughout the story, is played wonderfully by internationally renowned Chinese/British actress Maggie Cheung.

The huge success of police Story did have its price. That car chase scene mentioned above in the beginning of the film cost a whopping HK$5000,000 (This was a lot of money during those days in Hong Kong) and it also caused very serious injuries to four stuntmen. Also for Chan himself, his finale stunt at the end, and maybe his most amazing stunt to date, he is to jump and slide down a pole covered in Christmas lights. He pulls the stunt off beautifully, but in the end rips all the skin off his hands. It should also be noted, that the power used to light the lights were now hooked to a car battery like it was supposed to, but was hooked to the buildings power. This could have easily killed him, and it goes without saying, but he received a far larger shock then he expected.

If you’re going to watch any Jackie Chan film in your life, make it Police Story!

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