Sunday, January 4, 2015

Top 10 Films of 2014....a Work in Progress.

UPDATED:  January 10

At the time I [first] write this I am incredibly behind on most of the films I want to see from 2014. This is not the first year this has happened, and in the past January has proven to be a crunch month for me, I try and get in as many of the missed films from the busy previous fall into a much more time generous January(and possibly February). 

So as per last years structure, I present my "Work in Progress" Top 10 Films of 2014. As I continue to knock films off my 2014 list of shame, I will modify as needed. My deadline to have a completed list is February 23rd. As of that day what I have in final!

(Also note, selected titles are based on the US theatrical release dates being in the 2014 calender year, despite possibly being listed at 2013 films)

1) Inherent Vice

2) Boyhood

3) Snowpiercer

4) Locke

5) Gone Girl

6) Captain America: The Winter Soldier

7) Interstellar

8) Enemy

9) Guardians of the Galaxy

10) Gods Pocket

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